The Juno spacecraft, orbiting Jupiter since 2016, has a brand new lease on life, due to NASA. This robotic explorer is now as a consequence of proceed its mission, no less than till September 2025.

A mission extension lately granted by NASA extends the Juno program means the spacecraft will proceed to collect science in regards to the largest planet in our Photo voltaic System and its retinue of dozens of moons. A few of these moons are identified to have water (significantly Europa), they usually could also be among the many most-likely locations within the Photo voltaic System the place we’d discover primitive life.

“Since its first orbit in 2016, Juno has delivered one revelation after one other in regards to the interior workings of this large fuel big. With the prolonged mission, we’ll reply basic questions that arose throughout Juno’s prime mission whereas reaching past the planet to discover Jupiter’s ring system and Galilean satellites,” Scott Bolton of the Southwest Analysis Institute, states.

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