People aspired to colonize the Moon for hundreds of years, however the celestial physique has a particularly hostile surroundings.

The most secure places for settlers might be beneath the Moon’s floor.

The European Area Company (ESA) believes lunar caves might present shelter from radiation, micrometeorites, and excessive temperatures — and maybe even entry to water ice deposits.

The company is presently testing an autonomous robotic that it hopes will supply new insights into situations within the caverns.

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Named DAEDALUS, the 46-cm sphere could be lowered right into a cave’s mouth from an extended tether after which use its personal energy to roll away. The tether would additionally function a Wi-FI receiver that sends again the information collected by the probe.

Cameras and sensors put in on DAEDALUS would then map the cave’s inside, research the surroundings, and seek for deposits of ice.

Credit score: European Area Company