Elon Musk hopes to place pc chips in our brains that can allow “human-AI symbiosis.” However for now, he’s centered on making monkeys play video video games.

Musk’s Neuralink startup posted a video in the present day of a primate enjoying Pong with its thoughts.

The nine-year-old macaque, referred to as Pager, has a Neuralink implanted in his mind.

Pager was first skilled to play Pong with a joystick in return for a banana smoothie reward.

As he performed, his neural exercise was captured by a 1,024 electrode system, referred to as the N1 Hyperlink.

This information was transmitted to a decoder that mapped Pager’s neural patterns to his joystick actions. After a couple of minutes of calibration, the software program might predict Pager’s actions by analyzing his mind exercise.

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When the Neuralink group disconnected the joystick, Pager stored enjoying, utilizing his thoughts alone. He nonetheless moved the unplugged joystick, nonetheless. The poor monkey has no concept that he’s now a cyborg.

Musk beforehand demoed a mind implant in a pig, referred to as Gertrude, at an occasion in September. Gertrude hasn’t been seen since.

However swine and monkeys are solely the beginning. Musk now plans to provide Neuralinks for folks with paralysis.

If that goes nicely, Musk hopes to supply all of us mind implants, and finally merge human consciousness with AI. What might probably go flawed?

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Revealed April 9, 2021 — 11:16 UTC

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