There’s no proof you’re going to die. Don’t take that the unsuitable means; there’s plenty of proof. However proof is for math, and dying is simply sure looking back.

That’s why any analysis that pushes the boundaries of what we will observe, check, and replicate in relation to the wacky world of quantum mechanics is thrilling. Spooky motion at a distance may very well be our ticket to immortality.

A global staff of researchers lately revealed work demonstrating quantum entanglement at an unprecedented macro-scale.

Per a report from Science Alert’s David Nield:

The scale concerned are nonetheless very small from our perspective – these experiments concerned two tiny aluminum drums one-fifth the width of a human hair – however within the realm of quantum physics they’re completely big.

Entanglement is a property of quantum mechanics whereby one particle could be made to answer the stimulation of one other particle, the place they’re separated by distance.

In different phrases: when you entangle two particles and tickle considered one of them, they each chortle.

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What’s attention-grabbing right here is that the researchers managed to entangle tiny aluminum drums. They noticed the entanglement throughout the drums by measuring vibrations.

In essence, a drummer on one stage performed their drum and the sound concurrently teleported to a drum on the opposite aspect of the stage. That is what physicists hope to perform with quantum communication networks: unhackable, prompt communication through teleportation.