2020 will endlessly be the yr of COVID-19, however it has a unique that means for UFO lovers. This marked the time when the Pentagon’s covert UFO operation turned an above board authorities program.

And on Friday June 25, it is going to publish its first report protecting 120 UFO sightings.

Does this implies aliens exist? Disappointingly, the Pentagon will in all probability level to high-tech plane by Russia or China as an evidence. Nonetheless, it gained’t fully rule out extraterrestrials. 

To attempt to resolve this, we mentioned the much-anticipated report with TNW’s Alex Griffioen, one of many Netherlands’ primary UFO specialists and initiator of the UFO sightings web site Ufomeldpunt.nl.

We requested Griffioen if we must always nonetheless be enthusiastic about this report even when the US authorities gained’t acknowledge it’s aliens.

He gave us an unequivocal “sure” to this.

Telling us that it’s the primary time since 1969 the Pentagon is publishing a report about UFO (or UAP) sightings. Again then, he defined, the US Air Power seemed into about 12000 UFO studies, and concluded the sightings might largely be defined by on a regular basis phenomena. 

“This report had a huge effect on how individuals considered UFOs,” Griffioen stated. “Since that they had been formally ‘debunked,’ UFOs turned the realm of loopy individuals and sightings have been now not reported in worry of ridicule — or worse.” 

This all modified in 2017, when the New York Occasions revealed their sensational expose on the Pentagon’s Superior Aerospace Risk Identification Program (AATIP). 

This mysterious investigation had been working since 2007 and value $22 million. “The information was groundbreaking as a result of it proved the Pentagon was critically trying into this once more, and that their 1969 conclusions apparently have been now not legitimate; in the event that they ever have been,” Griffioen commented. 

Arguably much more impactful was the discharge of three movies made by totally different navy pilots. 

These movies present strange-looking flying objects that may speed up inside seconds and appear to defy the legal guidelines of physics.

When these movies got here out, it resulted in a snowball impact with much more pilots reporting sightings. Congress might now not ignore the questions these phenomena posed and based the UAP Job Power for additional investigation. 

Their first report is popping out on Friday and we requested Griffioen what to anticipate.

He instructed us that the Pentagon will acknowledge the presence of UFOs —no one disputes the validity of the sightings and movies however will in all probability attempt to clarify them as earthly phenomena. For instance, nations like Russia and China secretly testing ultra-advanced, hypersonic planes. 

Griffioen isn’t shopping for this. 

“Let’s say it’s Russia, a rustic with a minuscule protection price range in comparison with the US. So Russia created gravity-defying autos in 2004 that may buzz round at hypersonic speeds for a full day and don’t want fossil fuels? If Russia’s know-how would actually be that rather more superior, wouldn’t there be hover boards on the streets of Moscow by now?”

We then questioned Griffioen about what number of extra movies we are able to count on to see.

He instructed us we don’t know a lot concerning the report’s contents. However Luis Elizondo, the previous director of AATIP and the driving power behind the declassification of the three present movies, has seen extra footage. 

Elizondo resigned in 2017 and has since labored on the documentary sequence ‘Unidentified: Inside America’s UFO Investigation’ by the Historical past Channel. 

“Elizondo recognized 5 ‘observables’ when he labored for AATIP; distinctive traits that may assist filter UAP sightings,” Griffioen stated. “For instance, there’s instantaneous acceleration: shifting from zero to Mach six or seven in seconds. If a human being was inside that craft, they’d flip into mush due to the G-forces. One other one is ‘transmedium journey’: the flexibility to maneuver in or out of the water with out shedding pace.”

In keeping with Griffioen, these underwater UFOs are known as USOs — or “unidentified submersible objects.” And so they’re much more frequent than you would possibly suppose.

Right here although, comes the massive query: have we encountered aliens or not?

“I believe we noticed non-human intelligence,” Griffioen stated. “I wouldn’t use the time period ‘aliens.’” 

The time period he does use is “non-human intelligence — or NHI.” Griffioen instructed us that people wish to envision martians who climb onto spaceships and journey from their planet to ours.

He doesn’t imagine it’s that straightforward.

As an alternative, he thinks that “these NHIs might additionally come from one other dimension in area and time.” Successfully, he’s a proponent of the multiverse principle. This implies the sightings exist on Earth, however in a “spectrum we are able to’t register” as people.

As you may inform, Griffioen is a real believer. However, if what he thinks is true, what would wish to occur for the Pentagon to substantiate the existence of non-human intelligence?

To this, Griffioen replied with: ¯_(ツ)_/¯

On a extra severe angle, he thinks we’d have to show that these unidentified objects are breaking our understanding of the foundations of gravity, aerodynamics, and acceleration. “Possibly that’s sufficient?”

However the US authorities confirming the existence of non-human intelligence is perhaps nearer than it seems.

In keeping with writer Sam Harris, he has been approached by a person with ties to the American authorities to be able to assist form the general public message that hon-human intelligence exists.

For Griffioen, this leaves two main choices: both Sam Harris is mendacity, or one thing is being revealed to somebody. We simply don’t know if the latter level will keep in authorities circles, or shall be revealed to humanity at giant.

Finally, we don’t have sufficient proof to say somehow if non-human intelligence exists and has interacted with Earth.

Griffioen believes this can change in our lifetimes although.

“We’ve by no means been nearer [or] seen as a lot transparency as right now,” he stated. “I’m optimistic we are going to discover out what’s on the market within the coming years.”

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