GENERAL SHORTCUTS   Create a brand new workbook Ctrl-N ⌘-N   Open a workbook Ctrl-O ⌘-O   Save a workbook Ctrl-S ⌘-S   Shut a workbook Ctrl-W ⌘-W   Print a workbook Ctrl-P ⌘-P   Show the Discover dialog field Ctrl-F Management-F   Show the Go To dialog field F5 F5   Undo the final motion Ctrl-Z ⌘-Z or Management-Z   Redo the final motion Ctrl-Y ⌘-Y or Management-Y   Insert or edit a cell remark Shift-F2 ⌘-Shift-F2   Choose all cells that comprise
feedback Ctrl-Shift-O     Spell-check the energetic
worksheet or chosen vary F7 F7 WORKSHEET NAVIGATION   Transfer one display up / down PgUp / PgDn Web page Up / Web page Down or
Fn-down arrow /
Fn-up arrow   Transfer one display to the
left / proper Alt-PgUp / Alt-PgDn Choice-Web page Up /
Choice-Web page Down or
Fn-Choice-up arrow /
Fn-Choice-down arrow   Transfer one worksheet tab to
the left / proper Ctrl-PgUp / Ctrl-PgDn Management-Web page Down /
Management-Web page Up or
Choice-right arrow
/ Choice-Left arrow   Transfer one cell up / down up arrow / down arrow up arrow / down arrow   Transfer to the subsequent cell to the fitting Tab proper arrow   Transfer to the cell to the left Shift-Tab left arrow   Transfer to the start of a row Dwelling Dwelling or Fn-left arrow   Transfer to the start of a
worksheet Ctrl-Dwelling Management-Dwelling or
Management-Fn-Left arrow   Transfer to the final cell that
has content material in it Ctrl-Finish Management-Finish or
Management-Fn-right arrow   Transfer to the phrase to the
left whereas in a cell Ctrl-left arrow ⌘-left arrow   Transfer to the phrase to the
proper whereas in a cell Ctrl-right arrow ⌘-right arrow   Show the Go To dialog field Ctrl-G or F5 Ctrl-G or F5   Swap between the worksheet,
the Ribbon, the duty pane, and
Zoom controls F6 F6   If a couple of worksheet
is open, swap to the subsequent one Ctrl-F6 ⌘-~ WORKING WITH DATA   Choose a row Shift-Spacebar Shift-Spacebar   Choose a column Ctrl-Spacebar Management-Spacebar   Choose a complete worksheet Ctrl-A or
Ctrl-Shift-Spacebar ⌘-A   Prolong choice by a single cell Shift-arrow key Shift-arrow key   Prolong choice down / up
one display Shift-PgDn / Shift-PgUp Shift-PgDn /
Shift-PgUp or
Shift-Fn-down arrow /
Shift-Fn-up arrow   Prolong choice to the
starting of a row Shift-Dwelling Shift-Dwelling or
Shift-Fn-left arrow   Prolong choice to the
starting of the worksheet Ctrl-Shift-Dwelling Management-Shift-Dwelling or
Management-Shift-Fn-left arrow   Disguise chosen rows Ctrl-9 ⌘-9 or Management-9   Unhide hidden rows in
a range Ctrl-Shift-( ⌘-Shift-( or Management-Shift-(   Disguise chosen columns Ctrl-0 ⌘-0 or Management-0   Unhide hidden columns
in a range Ctrl-Shift-) ⌘-Shift-) or Management-Shift-)   Copy cell’s contents
to the clipboard Ctrl-C ⌘-C or Management-C   Copy and delete cell’s contents Ctrl-X ⌘-X or Management-X   Paste from the clipboard
right into a cell Ctrl-V ⌘-V or Management-V   Show the Paste Particular
dialog field Ctrl-Alt-V ⌘-Choice-V or
Management-Choice-V   End getting into information in a cell and
transfer to the subsequent cell down / up Enter / Shift-Enter Enter / Shift-Enter   Cancel your entry in a cell Esc Esc   Insert the present date Ctrl-; Management-;   Insert the present time Ctrl-Shift-; ⌘-;   Show the Create Desk
dialog field Ctrl-T or Ctrl-L Management-T   When within the system bar, transfer
the cursor to the top of the textual content Ctrl-Finish ⌘-Finish or
⌘-Fn-right arrow   When within the system bar, choose all
textual content from the cursor to the top Ctrl-Shift-Finish ⌘-Shift-Finish or
⌘-Shift-Fn-right arrow   Show Fast Evaluation choices
for chosen cells that comprise information Ctrl-Q     Create, run, edit, or delete a macro Alt-F8 Choice-F8 FORMATTING CELLS AND DATA   Show the Format Cells dialog field Ctrl-1 ⌘-1 or Management-1   Show the Fashion dialog field
(Home windows) / Modify Cell Fashion dialog
field (Mac) Alt-‘ Choice-‘   Apply a border to a cell or choice Ctrl-Shift-& ⌘-Choice-0   Take away a border from a cell or
choice Ctrl-Shift-_ (underscore) ⌘-Choice– (hyphen)   Apply the Foreign money format with
two decimal locations Ctrl-Shift-$ Management-Shift-$   Apply the Quantity format Ctrl-Shift-~ Management-Shift-~   Apply the Proportion format with
no decimal locations Ctrl-Shift-% Management-Shift-%   Apply the Date format utilizing day,
month, and yr Ctrl-Shift-# Management-Shift-#   Apply the Time format utilizing the
12-hour clock Ctrl-Shift-@ Management-Shift-@   Insert a hyperlink Ctrl-Ok ⌘-Ok or Management-Ok WORKING WITH FORMULAS   Start a system = =   Insert an AutoSum operate Alt-= ⌘-Shift-T   Insert a operate Shift-F3 Shift-F3   Toggle between displaying formulation
and cell values Ctrl-` Management-`   Copy and paste the system
from the cell above into the
present one Ctrl-‘ Management-Shift-“   Calculate all worksheets in all
workbooks which might be open F9 F9   Calculate the present worksheet Shift-F9 Shift-F9   Increase or collapse the system bar Ctrl-Shift-U Management-Shift-U RIBBON NAVIGATION   Show Ribbon shortcuts Alt     Go to the File tab Alt-F     Go to the Dwelling tab Alt-H     Go to the Insert tab Alt-N     Go to the Web page Format tab Alt-P     Go to the Formulation tab Alt-M     Go to the Information tab Alt-A     Go to the Assessment tab Alt-R     Go to the View tab Alt-W     Put cursor within the Inform Me or
Search field Alt-Q     Go to the Chart Design tab when
cursor is on a chart Alt-JC     Go to the Format tab when cursor
is on a chart Alt-JA     Go to the Desk Design tab when
cursor is on a desk Alt-JT     Go to the Image Format tab when
cursor is on a picture Alt-JP     Go to the Draw tab (if obtainable) Alt-JI     Go to the Energy Pivot tab (if obtainable) Alt-B  

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